So there’s no traffic problem, eh?







The Editor wrote a few months ago to the venerable Nigel Leighton, head traffic honcho at ERYC, questioning the positioning of the last traffic survey wire (at the chicane, of course, because obviously it’s the best place tWP_002469o put it, right?), and raising the issue of speeding through Airmyn.  The reply that ensued basically dismissed all our concerns as irrelevant, and essentially said that someone would have to be injured or killed before the ERYC would take any notice.

Well, today we finally had an accident, as illustrated by the photos taken above (having arrived somewhat after the event, the ambulance had left, and the Editor could not ascertain the extent of any injuries that may have been sustained).  According to the officers in attendance, a vehicle was attempting to pull away from the curb when another vehicle hit it at speed, pushing the car onto the pavement.  Thankfully no-one was on the pavement at the time, and hopefully neither of the drivers were hurt.  Nevertheless, even as the police were present, cars and in particular a motorbike sporting an L-plate, continued to use the High Street as a racetrack, and had to brake sharply to avoid the police van and indeed, the brave policeman who was directing the traffic in the middle of the road.

There are rumours, as yet unsubstantiated, that the weight limit through the village is to be lifted.  One shudders to think what could happen had this incident involved one of the large tractors with trailers that hurtle through illegally on a regular basis.  It only serves to underline our concerns at what will happen once development takes place on Airmyn Lane.

If you agree that the hour is long overdue for calming measures to be implemented along Bridge Road and the High Street, and you have not made your views known to the ERYC, as suggested recently in the Airmyn News, now might be the time to do so…..




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Yet another scam (or so it would seem…)


Read the small print….

Readers may have been wondering why there’s been prolonged radio silence on the blog of late.  This is because we have been awaiting the outcome of investigations as to the feasibility of a judicial review, as well as cross-checking facts about the circumstances surrounding the construction of the A614 roundabout.

We will shortly be giving you what we believe to be the shocking and unexpurgated facts about the latter, but in the meantime this post will be a timely reminder that not all charlatans live locally.

Faced with what seemed like the only option available left to us, namely judicial review, one of our number contacted what seemed to be a reputable firm of solicitors willing to help.  It turned out that the firm in question, The Legal Company, are less than upstanding when it comes to their dealings with others.  After lengthy obfuscation, prevarication and delay, the solicitor in question, a certain Milton Firman (note that name for future reference), failed to deliver the goods, and has been exposed as someone of highly questionable character whose intentions were purely to rip us off.

So regrettably we have been unable to ascertain whether this avenue would have been viable.  Naturally pursuit of a judicial review could not have been actioned without the proper evaluation of our chances, so the route followed was reasoned and sensible,  Unfortunately we have fallen victim once more to the machinations of others.

Investigations continue, especially in the light of recent local revelations, and we will update you should it be necessary.

..and now it’s the turn of South Cave

Ready for rape...

Ready for rape…

Let's build upon this lovely open space...

Let’s build upon this lovely open space…

It has come to our attention that another community in the locality is about to be subjected to the vagaries of the ERYC Planning Department.

You can read the story here

Turbine plan turned over…


We are pleased to report that the second wind turbine applied for at North Airmyn Grange was rejected at the planning meeting held on 12 March.  Twenty-eight objections were made, and thanks must go out to any of our readers who were in that number.  One might be tempted to think this was an attempt to appease the local populace, but  the application was rightly rejected on the grounds that it was far too close to a residential dwelling – a fact pointed out in several of the objection letters.

Strange, though, that this application was put in around the same time as Elite’s, yet it took SIX months to be considered….is it me?

Incidentally, we’ve just passed the 14,000 views mark – thanks for your continued support.

Getting the facts right


As you may have surmised by now, the Editor hates it when people get their facts wrong (possibly because in the past she has herself been guilty of the self-same crime).  So she was moved to write to the Goole Times to disabuse their readership of any misconceptions arising from a letter published in their 26th February edition.

Happily they have published her response this week.  Here is the text, for those of you who don’t have access to a copy of the GT:

Continue reading

The plot (if it is a plot) thickens….

On the document trail.....(c)

On the document trail…..(c)

As more and more information comes to light regarding the background to the building of the A614 roundabout, it is becoming clear that plans were already in hand to develop Court House Farm land even before the roundabout’s construction, and that the motivation for constructing the roundabout, complete with its 5th arm, was to “open up a further 32 acres of employment land for development by other local companies”, as well as to improve road safety.

The highlighted phrase is taken from a document made public under the Freedom of Information Act.  Clearly it raises questions about events between 2012 and the present day…

We will bring you more information once we are able to do so, but investigations are on-going and we wish as usual to be sure of our facts.



The ball is rolling



We have been informed that a parishioner has instructed legal advisors to seek the opinion of a judge as to the strength of our case for judicial review, based upon current evidence.

We will keep you posted (no pun intended) on developments.  The ball is rolling – let’s hope for a strike!



You’re gonna hear me on your radio



Apologies to the other Joe Jackson fans amongst you (although if you weren’t around in the early 80s you won’t understand!), but Jane has been doing her bit on the airwaves again.  We present her contribution to public service broadcasting via our public service blog here.  She’s 45 or so minutes in.

Like we said at the meeting, we are not going to roll over and lie down quietly – kicking and screaming (in a graceful way) is more our style.

PS for those of you who’ve never heard his music, check Joe Jackson out – he’s definitely worth a listen….

Getting funding in a roundabout way (pun intended)

If only they'd used the money to plant  instead... (c)

If only they’d used the money to plant trees instead… (c)

Events have somewhat overtaken this post, which was waiting for approval by the AUT* team (as stated in the last post we like to get our facts straight before we say anything that might be misconstrued).  So, following the last post re the errors in the Goole Times, this needs to be published so that you, dear readers, have the FACTS.  Of course, we will also ask some questions at the end, as usual! Continue reading